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Never respond to telephone or email requests for your account information. If you provide it in error, notify the bank immediately.

Great Southern Bank - Member FDIC Great Southern Bank is an Equal Housing Lender NACHA


Great Southern Bank

CheckCard Annual Fee (if applicable) $6.00 per card per year
CheckCard Replacement/Lost Card $5.00 per card
ATM/CheckCard Foreign Transaction (not at Great Southern Bank ATM) $1.25 per transaction
ATM/CheckCard Non-Customer Surcharge (at Great Southern Bank ATM) $4.00 per transaction

Deposited Item Returned $7.50 each
Check Order Set by check vendor
Collection Items (funds credited upon collection) $15.00 per item or paying agent
Money Order $5.00 each
Non-customer Check Cashing 2% of check amount with $20.00 minimum
Official Check $8.00 each

Zipper Bag $5.00 each
Lock Bag with 2 Keys $25.00 each

Overdraft or Non-Sufficient Fund Item $34.00 per item paid or returned
Stop Payment Order $34.00 per item
Notary (waived if Great Southern Bank document) $5.00 each
Facsimile $1.00 per page
Photocopy $0.50 per page
Dormant Account Monthly Service Charge $10.00 per account
Excess Deposit Items (greater than 30) $0.07 each
Account Closure Within 90 Days of Opening $25.00 per account
Early Closure of Christmas Club Account $10.00 per account
Returned Mail (bank statement returned from post office) $5.00 each
Repetitive Telephone Assisted Balance Inquiry (see note below) $1.00 each *
Repetitive Telephone Assisted Transfer (see note below) $2.00 each *
Charge Off Deposit Account $25.00
Replacement Coupon Book - Direct Loans $5.00
IRA Transfer to another institution $20.00

Escheatment to the State of Mississippi $50.00
Levy, Garnishment Processed $75.00 each
Research and Reconciliation of Statements $25.00 per hour plus $1.00 per copy

2 x 5 Safe Deposit Box $20.00 annually
3 x 5 Safe Deposit Box $25.00 annually
5 x 5 Safe Deposit Box $35.00 annually
3 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $40.00 annually
5 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $60.00 annually
10 x 10 Safe Deposit Box $100.00 annually
10 x 15 Safe Deposit Box $150.00 annually
Drill Box, Replace Safe Deposit Box Key(s) or Change Lock $25.00 plus actual locksmith cost
Safe Deposit Box (30 Days Past Due) $5.00

Paper Statement for Personal Checking Accounts

(waived by: use of E-statement, specific account type or collected balance $5,000 or greater)
(see note below)
$2.00 each *
Hold Bank Statement $5.00 each *
Special Statement $5.25 each
On-line Statement $1.00 each

Incoming Wire Transfer (waived if deposited to account with Great Southern Bank) $20.00 each
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00 each
International Wire Transfer $20 plus correspondent bank fee

* Free E-Statements, Balance Inquiries & Transfers are available with the following services:

  • Internet Banking - click here to register
  • Telephone Banking - Call 601-485-0999 locally or 877-GREATBK toll free!
  • Great Southern Bank Mobile - Click here to visit the iTunes App store. Search Great Southern Bank using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle